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Phone: 509-330-1046 (Nov 15 - Dec 23 only)

Christmas for Kids is a local non-profit organization providing Christmas gifts and warm clothing for the children of low-income families in Latah County. Started in 1982 by Moscow resident, Christmas for Kids has grown each year as needs have increased. Each year over 200 families and at least 600 children are furnished gifts of clothing, toys, blankets, and more by businesses, clubs, church groups and individuals on the Palouse who join forces to meet their needs.

Christmas for Kids is run entirely by volunteers. There are minimal administrative expenses involved. Every gift donated goes directly to the recipient. Every dollar donated goes directly to buy coats, shoes, pajamas, toys, and books, etc. All donations go to help local families with needs.

Suggestions. You may have an idea, service or talent we haven't thought of. We'd like to hear about it!
For more information, please contact us: christmas@moscow.com